In love with ‘t Zuid

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Oh my word! I’m in love! The one who’s responsible for this? The lady herself: Antwerp.

I love her for her Scheldt, for her people who are sitting in café’s and bars at the middle of the day, for her architecture, for her cobbles which make you have to repair your bike every Saturday morning, but most of all, for her neighborhood ‘t Zuid.

The Arc de Triomphe in Paris? Ha! ‘t Zuid has the Waterpoort at the Gillisplaats! The Spanish Steps in Rome? Take a seat at the steps of the KMSKA and watch ‘t Zuid living like it’s all happening over here.

Of course, the Leopold de Waelplaats looks like the centre of ‘t Zuid, and maybe it is. But you have to walk a bit around the neighborhood, to experience the real Zuid. Go grab an ice cream at Gelato Factory and walk with it to the Scheldt. Sit down at the quay and watch the sunset, and you’ll feel like you are the richest person in the world. Or walk from the Leopold de Waelplaats via the Lambermontplaats to the Bolivarplaats and check out the contradictory architecture of ‘t Zuid. You’ll see the futuristic Gerechtshof at one side, and Het Zuid Kasteel (The South Castle) at the other. Mark my words: you’re gonna love this neighborhood too!

Why? Just like the architecture, is almost everything at ‘t Zuid contradictory. If you’re again at the Leopold de Waelplaats, you can sip your champagne at the terrace of Nora and watch the 100.000 euro cars drive by. But you could also check in at Chatleroi and say cheers to musicians and artists with your Bolleke. You could have dinner at one of the exquisite restaurants ‘t Zuid has to offer, but you could also go to Meat & Cheese, grab a nice sandwich and enjoy your meal at the quay of the Schelde. And you’ll see, you’re not the only one. Especially in the summer, there are barbecues all over the place!

Where in some places these contradictions could cause some tension, at ‘t Zuid all these things happen in great harmony. ‘t Zuid has it all for everyone. And we’ll have to thank Antwerp for that. Our lovely lady Antwerp.



text by Tim

pics by Tim