Lize Colson

24 Belgium
Tagsart, coffee, fashion, music
  • #thisisantwerp local Lize Colson
  • #thisisantwerp local Lize Colson

Lize is a 24-year-old student Trendwatching. Last year, she finished her master degree Strategic Communication at the University of Antwerp. She grew up at Koksijde, a small village at the West Coast of Belgium. Her parents, who originally lived in the province of Antwerp, moved there for their job. Five years ago, Lize went back to her ‘roots’, lost her heart to ‘the big city life’ and decided to stay. Her favourite spots in Antwerp are Vitrine, Korsakov, Cartoons Café, Cabron, Kassa 4, Via Via Reiscafé, Varelli, Coffeelabs, Broer Bretel and Coffee & Vinyl. Music is her great passion. She is currently working on a blog, so … to be continued!Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.