Kevin Lau

23 Belgium
  • #thisisantwerp local Kevin Lau

If one were to put tags on Kevin, they would probably be: #cinephile #MusicEnthusiast #foodie #TravelNut #nightcrawler,… But most importantly: #Antwerp.

Being an ABC (Antwerp Born Chinese) this student sociology sees things in life differently than his fellow Belgians sometimes. One thing that doesn’t differ though, is the bottomless love and passion for his home city that all ‘Sinjoren’  (nickname for Antwerpians) share. Born, raised, studying and still living in this diamond metropolis, he made it his everyday mission to convince the uninitiated to come see and discover the city. What better way to accomplish this quest than in collaboration with powerhouse ‘This is Antwerp’.

Surely this will prove to be a match made in heaven or as we call it, Antwerp … Just kidding, but seriously though. This place rocks.