Cleo Klapholz

25 Belgium
  • Cleo Klapholz #thisisantwerp
  • Cleo Klapholz #thisisantwerp

Cleo Klapholz is like her name sounds: sharp and peppy. She knows what she wants and she just goes for it in a stout-hearted way. She is totally passionate about travelling so she works like a Trojan to go wherever she feels like going. At least 12 times a year. Ridiculously often, she admits.  She’s been all over the globe : Asia, the US, Australia, the Middle East and all over Europe. Combining this with a full time study, a full time job and a rent to pay. Respect for this girl!

The crazy name and the eager to travel she owes to her Jewish roots. Her family is spread all over the world, so she always has an excuse to go on a family visit. Of course she also loves to sit at home from time to time. With a good book next to her cats Sushi, Shiva and Cheetoh (yes she has three cats and does call herself “the crazy cat lady”) .

But after too much rest, she has to go out again. To party for example. Cleo is a real party animal. She loves all kinds of music in the not-for-softies category. Drum’n bass, goa, breakcore, ragga, jungle. That kind of stuff. When she’s not partying or relaxing she’s probably writing for her blog , or going to pole dance class or acting in a theatre play.I guess busy is just her middle name?

She loves Antwerp. It is her hood, her hometown, and she loves coming home after travelling. A little too cold though, for Cleo. But a lot of dancing keeps you warm!