Zeppelin - New bar up North

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Antwerp’s Damplein used to be a very grey and desolate square next to the railway where you would only go if you wanted to buy a cheap table or chairs at Belgica Furniture. But the coming of Park Spoor Noord changed things. Coffee bar Zum and restaurant Caravan were the first to see the potential of this square. Bar Zeppelin is the latest newcomer.

Like Bar Leon in Borgerhout they serve an interesting mix of excellent beers and great coffees. That makes it an ideal stop no matter the time or occasion: there is always a great drink to be discovered. Also great and quite unique for Belgium: they serve you free tap water. And when the sun shines you can take your drinks outside. We’re already curious what the next thing will be on fastly changing Damplein …

Where?ZeppelinDamplein 13+32 (0)3 689 16 62