Wim Bruynooghe: Grand Opening

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  • Antwerp designer Wim Bruynooghe #thisisantwerp
  • Antwerp designer Wim Bruynooghe #thisisantwerp
  • Antwerp designer Wim Bruynooghe #thisisantwerp

In a world where everything evolves so quickly, where trends are passé and it-items are consumed within the space of a few weeks, where likes on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are regarded as the only barometer of success, it is important to think about new forms, new directions, new formats.

One  guy who played with this idea is Wim Bruynooghe. He decided to open a shop to show (and sell) his clothes.  But what makes this so unique? In a shopping paradise like Antwerp, you can find quite some fashion shops, big AND small.

Own ideas - own terms

The fact is that this designer makes an effort to move out of the conventional way of working. As an ex-graduate of the renowned Antwerp academy, it  would have been easy for him to move to Paris or London and work for a huge fashion house, where he could learn the tricks and trades of the global fashion scene. Instead he opted to stay in Antwerp and develop his own ideas on his own terms.

Inspired by water and the Belgian seacoast, he came up with a diverse collection of beautifully crafted garments in jerseys, cottons and wool. The pieces are easily combined with both each other and various other brands. And to top it off,  an  exquisite selection of leather handbags and corsets. These garments could be worn by both young and old and with a price range to match. But how did it all came along?

Slow fashion: quality & originality

When an empty office building in the center of Antwerp was opened up for people and collectives from various creative industries, Wim snatched his chance and set up his atelier on the fifth floor. From here he designs his collections and oversees the (made-in-Belgium) production. With the help of friends and the fashion network that is tightly woven over the city’s fabric, he manages to grow little by little, step by step.

This work method,  often described as ‘slow fashion’  offers an antidote for the growing power of high street brands and multinationals. Initiatives like this reflect the need for some items of quality and originality, and that is something surprisingly rare in the world of Fashion.


So, if you want to find out more about Wim and his work,  you can pay him a visit at the store, open from Wednesday till Saturday 12-18 at Frankrijklei 73 2000 Antwerp.  

Or  you can surf to his website http://www.wimbruynooghe.com/.

Wim also curates a beautiful Instagram account @wimbruynooghe. Liking is, in this case, obligatory.


Text by Jonas Beldé

Pics by Jonas Beldé


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