WILLIAM FORT: The sleeping Giant

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We can’t emphasize it enough: Antwerp is really the hometown of many creative talents. This time we met up with William Fort. Friday the 30th of September William will be hosting his first exhibition, ‘The sleeping Giant’, at the PARIS TEXAS antwerp gallery, reason enough to get to know him a bit better. 

This Is Antwerp: Thanks for having us at your home and studio, it is really awesome to have a little sneak peak of the exhibition and see where the magic happens. Did you always want to make drawings?

William Fort: When I was younger I was always drawing. In high school however things came to a halt. It was only after my psychology studies that I rediscovered my love for drawing. So I started to teach myself new skills and developed these up to the point where I am now. Last April I decided I wanted to show my work to the public, which resulted in the exhibition ‘The sleeping Giant’.

TIA: Can you tell us more about ‘The sleeping Giant’?

William: "'The sleeping Giant' is the title of the exhibition, but also the title of my largest drawing. Actually it is kind of a narcissistic title: it refers to me being asleep and unknown to the public, and now waking up and showing myself and my work to the world. Well that is what the psychologist in me made of it, with a big wink of course. The total exhibition is made up of twelve drawings. The drawings are reflections of different periods in my life and show what was on my mind at that time. The drawings should really be seen in combination with their titles, together they convey the story behind my work."

TIA: What inspires you?

William: "That is a rather difficult question to answer. There are so many things that I use as inspiration. Actually it is more of a subconscious process. I see images, films, texts, and words all day long and all these things inspire me and come together in one idea for a drawing. Sometimes I am just lying in bed and then suddenly I am inspired and get an idea. I have a booklet in which I collect all my ideas. Altogether I have got ideas for already over 60 new drawings, if only I had the time to make them."

TIA: Something else. You live in Antwerp what do you like about the city?

William: "I always lived in Turnhout, but after my studies in Leuven I decided to move to Antwerp. I have been living here for 5 years and think it is amazing. There is a large and active artistic scene; so a perfect city to work in as an artist. While being the hometown of great artists, it is still a small city, which I like. I live in the neighborhood of Park Spoor-Noord and enjoy that it is nice and quiet here. In the little spare time that I’ve got, I enjoy sitting in the park or going to the MAS. In summer the docks are also one of my favorite spots to hang out."

Want to see William Fort’s work yourself? Go and check it out, it is really worth it!



Sint-Pietersvliet 6 :: 2000 Antwerpen


30/09 :: 18h-23h OPENING NIGHT

01/10 :: 14h-18h

02/10 :: 14h-18h


Text by Marian Van Sprakelaar

Pics by William Fort


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