When fashion hits the streets of Antwerp

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Streetwear was born in the 70s in the United States, among young people from disadvantaged areas. The new style was less about clothing and more about signs of recognition, of belonging and asserting an identity.

NO US, a young, Antwerp streetwear label takes it a step further and tries to be as inclusive as possible. “Tired of the ‘they against us statement’, we had the the urgency to create a brand that instead of discriminate – unify people.” The founders Senne Claes & Junior Van de Poel get their inspiration from their educational background in graphic design, illustration and art history. “We try to translate art into a new, graphical language that can be read or interpreted by everyone.” Their last S05 collection for example is beautifully Art Nouveau inspired.

Antwerp DNA

For Senne and Junior, both Antwerp-raised souls, their city is an important source of inspiration. On the one hand because it houses so much cultures and diversity but also because of it huge, creative art and fashion scene.

It’s the place were they got inspired to start a new label, and it’s the place where NO US keeps going and growing. And although there are plans to get their production abroad, at this point most of the sewing, embroidery and screen printing is done in and around Antwerp.

Collaborating in Fashion

What seems to miss in the fashion world is a strong community, trust to work together and  to learn from each other. Only little fashion brands see the potential of working together but NO US is one of them. Collaborating helps them to make a strong statement on ‘togetherness’ and by doing so they get the chance to learn from their partners, gain new customers, get extra publicity and most important, it’s just much more fun.

The coming month they’re teaming up with Raar. An Antwerp streetwear label that focusses on high quality materials and minimalist looks. Together they’re organising a joint stock sales event in the centre of Antwerp. From 15 December till 15 January you can pass by for NO US and Raar. streetwear collections but also for painted murals, wall projections and from time to time even some dancing. Make sure to pay them a visit Saturday 22/12 for a late night Drrrip radio instore.

And the NO US collab season isn’t ending after Januari. In spring 2019 they’re launching a capsule collection with an Amsterdam label and a collab with an Antwerp dance festival.

“But during and in between collaborations it’s important to maintain your own identity.” So no worries, by the summer of 2019 a new NO US collection will be awaiting you!






Text by Esther Hoedemakers

Pics by Maxim Leurentop


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Esther Hoedemakers