The Wasbar is coming to Antwerp: a sneak preview!

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  • wasbar #thisisantwerp

I am proud to present to you, ladies and gents, the new building for the Wasbar in Antwerp!

The concept 'Wasbar' 

In Flanders this is already a well-known concept, but I’ll explain it to you, dear tourists. If you translate ‘Wasbar’ it literally means ‘laundry bar’ and that is exactly what this is all about: doing your laundry in a jazzy environment where you can drink a latté and can hang out with friends. The perfect place for backpackers, don’t you think?

Location Location Location

The location is also great: on the corner of the Scheldestraat and Graaf van Egmontstraat in the South of Antwerp. Just Google map it, you’ll see. There’s a bicycle stand before the building and there will be a terrace so we can relax outdoors in the summer. Dries and Yuri, the brains behind the Wasbar, let me take a look at the plans for the interior. It’s going to be pretty sweet with a big bar in the middle and lounge tables around it. There will even be a platform where people can work on at one long desk, which I’m definitely going to use! In short, it will be pretty much the same as in Ghent, but with some Antwerp vibes and that’s the determining factor that will make the Wasbar in Antwerp extra cool!


Wasbar Antwerpen - opening in June

Graaf Van Egmontstraat 5

2000 Antwerp




Text and pictures by Helen.