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It’s Sunday December 1, and we decided to bring a visit to STEEZ, an urban cultural festival, that takes place at De Studio in Antwerp.

The first thing we notice when we enter STEEZ, is a crowd gathering around two young children who are performing a dance battle. It’s really an exhilarating sight to see, with everyone cheering them on. The vibes are already good, and there’s much more to come.

Breakfast for champs

The next stop, we encounter is a stand from Cereal Heaven. They’re a cornflakes bar established at the Vlasmarkt in Antwerp. They have about 120 different kinds of cereal from all around the world. There even are brands from Dubai and South Africa. For this occasion, they’ve selected five of their best-selling cereals, such as Lucky Charms with Sour Patch Kids candy and Trésor with cookie crisp.

Why they’re so special, you might ask? Well, they provide toppings such as chocolate or sour candy to put on top of your cereal, and there’s also something crazy going on with their milk. It actually comes in 12 different colours, such as purple or red with different tastes such as oat or soy. They colour the milk with natural colouring agents, so it doesn’t taste any different than regular milk.

They also have freak shakes with cereal, lattes in different colours and a extravagant interior with a teddy bear and a graffiti wall.

A little DIY never hurt anybody

We’ve now arrived at Gezeever, an open screen printing workshop. You can make personalised postcards at their stand, even for free! At their shop in Antwerp, they give workshops, and you can also use their atelier for your own creations. They are also present at museums, festivals and events. To top it off they sell the stuff they make in their shop.

Dentist goes wild

Will started his career studying to be a dentist, one that makes prostheses to be exact. But he quickly got bored of this and decided to use his skills and move in a completely different direction. So four years ago he founded Will’s Grillz. As the name might suspect, he makes grillz. The things rappers or cool people wear. He already has a shop in Lille (France), but he also operates online. But he advises people to stop by his shop to get the right measurements;

Pas de prul

Pasdesoucis, a clothing brand that immediately catches our eye when we enter the room. The team of 3 Antwerp-based youngsters do screen printing on jeans and work with their own designs on T-shirts, hoodies…

Apart from having their own clothing line, they also organise art expos. Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th of December their third art exhibition called ‘You’re Welcome’ takes place in Borgerhout. There they showcase paintings and photography, among other things. Their clothes are being sold on Instagram @pasdesoucisanvers.

Giving artists a chance

Next to pasdesoucis, there’s another clothing brand: Dead Artist Society, or for short DAS. They bring ‘streetwear in a unique way’. They work with beginning artists who provide art to them, and then they make a design around it.

Ghalid Mettioui (founder DAS): ‘I’ve never worked in the fashion industry, but art has always been something important to me. I also wondered why people exactly choose to wear hoodies or sweaters. So I wanted to combine these two. ‘Art becomes part of your wardrobe’ is our vision. We chose to work with beginning artists because they don’t get many opportunities to exhibit their art. Expo’s cost a lot and you don’t have much money left over. We let the artists sign every design they make, so they also get some recognition. One of my favourite artists we’ve worked with is Studio Stoutpoep; I love his designs, they’re really funny.

Our motto is to help each other. DAS helps them career-wise and they provide us with some nice art. I’ve done my research and no other brand does this. So we’re unique in that way. We also only produce about 5.000 - 1 0.000 pieces of every clothing item worldwide, in Belgium that’s about 200-300 pieces, so we’re kind of an exclusive brand. We’ve now been on the market for about 1,5 years. Not that long ago Anderson Paak wore one of our designs at his concert. That was a nice feeling. Our collection is also located in shops from Berlin to Switzerland. And we’ve been showcased in Berlin Fashion Week twice. Halfway December a new shop called ‘Canvas’ will open in Antwerp and our collection will also be available there.

STEEZ has something for everyone, there even is a skate ramp in the middle of it all or a tattoo studio for when you’re feeling courageous. Curious? Come by next year!


Cereal Heaven :: Vlasmarkt 30, 2000 Antwerpen

Gezeever :: Marialei 25, 2018 Antwerpen

Expo ‘You’re Welcome

Dead Artist Society

Wills Grillz


Text and pics by Julie Gabriels


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