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Meet Viktor: a new place created by and for creative people, to be enjoyed by everybody.

Don’t worry: you don’t need to be the next Picasso yourself to enjoy a nice cup of coffee: Viktor wants to support beginning artists by offering them a place where they can showcase their work and find a nice coworking spot, all wrapped in an espresso bar.

Coffee is the glue

“Objekts” stands first: coffee is “only” the glue between you, me and the artists. Owners Yannick and Lotte are creative souls themselves and they didn’t want to open the 100th gallery where the distance between customers and art is big: the friendly atmosphere of the espresso bar makes the art and designs easily accessible. You can buy almost everything you see and sit on.

Be inspired

The menu (which also has tea, hot chocolate, juice and water on it) is a little black notebook: you’re free to doodle in it yourself. And why shouldn’t you: it’s easy to get inspired by the good coffee, the records playing or the art surrounding you.

Keep an eye on Viktor

Victor is the perfect spot to spend a cold but sunny afternoon: you’re surrounded by light thanks to the big windows and you have a nice view of the square. You can expect small events in the nearby future as well so don’t lose sight of "him"!


Viktor : Espresso bar + Exhibition space + Coworking area

Falconplein 45, 2000 Antwerp

Velo station: 045-Falconplein

Open Tuesday - Sunday (10h-19h)

A “Viktor Espresso” is € 2.

Free wifi 


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