ViaVia travellers cafe

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  • Viavia #thisisantwerp
  • Viavia #thisisantwerp

Meet ViaVia travellers cafe: a meeting place for kindred travel spirits and for everybody who likes a dish with foreign roots.

In the mood for some exotic vibes? Planning your next holiday? Why not spend some time at ViaVia to broaden your horizons. There are numerous options to fill up your evening:

  • Pick up a travel guide from the back and enjoy a good Chili Con Carne.
  • Sip from the “rolls royce” of apple juice (these are the exact words of the über friendly gentleman serving us drinks) while staring at the giant world map hanging on the wall to figure out where you’ll go next.
  • Enjoy nachos and guacamole as an appetizer at the bar and be mesmerized by the colourful prayer flags right above your head: they can awake the travel bug in anyone.

Still not convinced? Join one of the readings and presentations about different countries and travels that are also given in the café.


Food from every wind direction

There’s a “basic” menu with some fixed dishes (like the Chili Con Carne) and regular new suggestions. Everything’s written down neatly on big blackboards hanging on the wall. Both Belgian and exotic dishes are available.


Text and pictures by Laura.