Us by Night 2018: the full report

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Three weeks before the due date Us by Night was sold out. A beautiful and memorable accomplishment for the hosts of Us by Night that put their heart into organizing this festival,  something you felt right away when you entered the Parkloods at Park Spoor Noord where Us by Night was being organized.  

Us by Night is a three day design and creativity festival, curated for the hungry. Hungry for inspiration we were and we got served just right.

On Thursday the festival opened and we started at the Living Room stage with a great talk by WeTransfer Studio. The Living Room was a cozy space with retro furniture, which created an intimate bond with the guest speakers. It was the perfect place to comfortably enjoy the inspiring talks and we found ourselves there more often than we thought.

In between talks you could enjoy a drink or eat some awesome food. The delicious food from Mission Masala stole the show and was to be recognized by floral wreaths and long rows of hungry visitors. Blowing of some steam after the - for some of us - spicy Tikka Masala was possible at the trampoline that reacted on the way you moved with a spectacular lightshow just above your head. Or at the ping pong and air hockey tables. Showing off your skills was quite difficult since they were occupied most of the time due to popularity, which we totally understood. Nevertheless we got our hands on an air hockey table and got into a very competitive game.

The thing that stood out mostly was the van that was parked in the middle of the hall. When we arrived on Thursday the van was whiter than white, but given the markers that were laying around, people would start drawing on it or putting on names. This resulted into a creative hub, but we secretly just used it as a place to peacefully enjoy our food. Of course we made sure This is Antwerp was immortalized as well.

During the festival we got inspired mostly by Territory Studio, David Ozuchukwu and Traum Inc out of the talks that we attended.

Territory Studio

Territory Studio was being represented by David Sheldon-Hicks, the founder and Executive Creative Director. He talked about how Territory Studio is combining creativity and technology to realize “compelling future facing experiences”. One of the biggest projects they worked on was the movie Blade Runner 2049. David was more than eager to show us what they accomplished which was awesome, especially if you had seen the movie.

David Ozuchukwu

The youngest speaker of the festival and already one of the most inspiring. David started photographing when he was only 13 years old by making self-portraits. Now he’s 19 years old and has done a Nike global campaign, a campaign for Dior, but has also portrayed Pharrell Williams. Safe to say this is only just the beginning.

Traum Inc

Thomas Traum is the Creative Director of TRAUM INC., the company that he is running. They create beautiful still and moving images. A couple of the big names that TRAUM INC. created visuals for are KENZO, which is their most loyal customer, Moschino and Nike.

Some of the people that we talked to felt a relief when entering Us by Night because they finally had found a festival that was actually for designers and creatives. A big compliment for the Us by Night crew.

Us by Night has a perfect vibe and provides a great environment to meet and connect with other designers and creatives. So if you are looking for an inspiring festival that is actually for designers and creatives, people who push things forward and literally make this world a prettier place, Us by Night is the place to be.  


Text by Eline Graat

Pics by Kevin Lau


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