upD.A.T.E. #3

  • upD.A.T.E. #3  #thisisantwerp
  • upD.A.T.E. #3  #thisisantwerp
  • upD.A.T.E. #3  #thisisantwerp

This Is Antwerp invited 12 internationals to Discover Antwerp Through Experience, in short to go on a D.A.T.E. with Antwerp from the 3rd until the 8th of November. We’ll show them the best hidden secrets, jaunt the hottest places, survive workshops together, enjoy the finest meals and much more. But most important they will meet that one important thing that fuels Antwerp to be the dynamic city that it is today: creative people.

This is how D.A.T.E. rolls

We promised you to keep you updated about our D.A.T.E.. But we’ll keep it short because our locals will also cover (almost) every D.A.T.E. workshop. We will post all their blogs the day after.  So keep an eye out for them.

We told you yesterday we planned a very busy day for our guests today and we weren’t lying. To make sure we could do/meet/feel/see/taste everything we planned, the day started pretty early. But our guests didn’t mind getting out of bed because they were eager to feel the whole Antwerp experience. Some visited the leather design workshop by Collectif D’Anvers while another group got initiated into screen printing by CTRL Copy. They absolutely loved it!

We served gold in a paper bag for lunch. Belgian fries always do the trick.

In the afternoon three enthusiastic Antwerp creatives showed our guests around their favorite spots in town. Fake Plastic Ruby, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, fashion addict Patricia Goijens and Dieter Vander Velpen, a promising Antwerp architect and designer. Antwerp loves fashion loves Antwerp. That’s why absolutely had to take some of our guests to the fashion museum, MoMu.

After such a tiring day we were hungry like a pack of wolves. As you read this we’re enjoying a great meal at the offbeat cultural house Het Bos.

Tomorrow’s program

We gave our beloved guests the day off to wander around in ‘t city. (Antwerp locals refer to Antwerp as The City or ‘t Stad) All we packed for them is an Antwerp City Card, a city map and our free This Is Antwerp app to discover more of Antwerp.

In the evening we planned a closing event for our D.A.T.E.’s. We invited a bunch of great Antwerp creative minds to end our D.A.T.E.-week with a big bang. 

We’re looking forward to Maeltijd’s tasty cooking, as she told us all her appetizers would be based on Antwerp local products. We even managed to surprise our guests with a beer tasting by the incredible guys from Bier in Huis.

We invited the Antwerp creatives we visited last week to join us for the last hours of our D.A.T.E. We asked them to decorate our closing event with some of their awesome products.

During D.A.T.E. we introduced our guests to 3d printing and we plunged them into the rich fashion scene of Antwerp. So on our last evening we mixed both items and invited DAMN to show us some more possibilities of 3D Design & printing.

To top it off we asked upcoming music talent Jane Spleen to do what they do best: rock the joint. The dj’s from What It Is will for sure make us all look like ADHD-patients when they start to caress the turntables.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss a thing. We asked our This Is Antwerp locals to cover most of the workshops for you. So keep an eye out for our blog or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!



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D.A.T.E.: Collectif d'Anvers

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upD.A.T.E. #4 #thisisantwerp


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