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Ever heard of ‘Arbouretum’, ‘Dean Allen Foyd’, ‘Hierophant’ or ‘The Growlers’? They’re all bands that are playing in Trix the next couple of days. But no worries if they don’t ring a bell, cause that’s exactly what makes Trix so unique.

Trix is one of those places where you go see a concert of an amazing band and you end up liking the opening act even more. All year long they offer you concerts in the broadest of musical styles. From folk, reggae and hip hop to stoner rock and the heaviest of death metal. Whatever your preference is, you’re going to find it over there.

Besides concerts they also host music classes and workshops, they have 7 rehearsal rooms and they even have their own recording studio. If that ain’t fancy.

Now take your bike, a tram, a train or your car, drive to lovely Borgerhout, and buy a ticket for a band you’ve never heard of. You’re going to love it!

Check out their website and their blog for more info and pics (pic above by Katleen Clé)





Noordersingel 28-30

2140 Antwerpen (Borgerhout)

T 03 670 09 00



Text by Jasper.