Summer is here! Part1 : Josephine's summer bar

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  • Josephine's summer bar #thisisantwerp
  • Josephine's summer bar #thisisantwerp
  • Josephine's summer bar #thisisantwerp

Summer is here! It's time for late night chillings in the parks, it's time for BBQ's on the roof (since people in the city rarely have a garden), but most importantly, it's time for the SUMMER BARS!! Yes Yes Yes!!!

This year Antwerp has really outdone itself, we are the proud owners of an enormous amount of groovy, hip and summery new bars.

So I have made a quest for myself in which I, your humble servant, will check all these summer bars and report about them so you will just have to take a look at our website and be able to pick a place to your choosing.


First one in line is Josephine's summer bar and restaurant!

Josephine's is actually a restaurant located at the South part of the city. It's one of those classy places with a very 50's feel to it. With amazingly comfy sofa's and unique cocktails!

So when I heard about the Josephine's summer bar and restaurant, expectations were quite high!

I walked in there with my boyfriend, and immediately we fell in love with the atmosphere. We walked through a long hallway decorated with very stylish graffiti. We continued our route through the hallway and passed the open kitchen (!) with huge fridges were, very much to my boyfriends liking, the meat was stacked for all to see! We strolled along into the garden and walked quite casually into the restaurant.

That's when the fun begun!


The restaurant is actually a substantial wooden construction with the same classy feel to it as in the original restaurant. It's to die for. With its' tiny oil and salt dispensers and chairs with hearts cut out, I felt like a princess in my own magical castle. Truly extraordinary!

When we had to pick a pre dinner cocktail I couldn't resist to choose a glass of champagne (a genuine princess drink right?) but my amazing prince charming was as knightly as ever and tried out an exquisite cocktail so I could write about it. He said it tickled his tastebuds, so a ten out of ten is in order! The pre dinner cocktail was followed by a petite amuse which were macaroons with seaweed and avocado, delightful! The starters were also very much to our liking (of course Nobashi shrimps and lobster are never a disappointment),  as a cherry on the pie we had the astounding meat which I mentioned before. Combined with a nice bottle of red wine, out tastebuds enjoyed an enormous feast!


After dinner, we took our glasses of wine into the beautiful garden and enjoyed the sunset.

What a magical evening in a magical place! I can't wait to go there again really soon!


Text and pictures by Cleo Klapholz


Cleo Klapholz

Cleo Klapholz #thisisantwerp

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