Summer is here! Part 4: De Zomerbar

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  • De Zomerbar #thisisantwerp
  • De Zomerbar #thisisantwerp
  • De Zomerbar #thisisantwerp
  • De Zomerbar #thisisantwerp

With all these new hip and groovy pop-up summer bars, one might easily forget the main summer bar in Antwerp, known to us hipsters as De Zomerbar!

This summer bar is one of the nicest spots to relax in Antwerp. It has all the facilities one might require when in need for a nice evening out with friends. There is an amazing restaurant where you can have a true feast without feeling it in your wallet. We enjoyed a spicy lentil beef pasta with some bread for only €9 and a veggie burger with curry, which was also to die for! Even the drinks are quite cheap and very tasty! One little bit of advice though, if you don't like spicy food then DO NOT add the super spicy sauce which can be found on the counter, we love spicy food but we underestimated it a tiny bit. (woops!)

In my opinion, the best thing about this summer bar is that you can enjoy some refreshing water because the people of Antwerp build a fountain in the shape of a tree with a water container underneath so you can pop your feet in the water and cool down! 

 Circus, performance, hammocks and a library

Another amazingly nice bonus is the circus tent. In this tent a lot of cultural activities set place during the whole summer. So if you're feeling a cultural vibe coming up, this is the place to be. An extraordinary must see show for example is l'homme cirque, where a circus performer dances around the tent while doing mind blowing tricks. Unique here at this summer bar is the summer-library where one can borrow a book and enjoy the stories of Alice or whomever whilst drinking a cocktail in one of the hammocks.  

This summer bar is by far the most spacious I've ever seen! It has everything you might desire and it gives you the true vibe of the summer.


Text an pics by Cleo


Cleo Klapholz

Cleo Klapholz #thisisantwerp

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