Summer is here! Part 3: Bar Left

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  • Bar LEFT #thisisantwerp
  • Bar LEFT #thisisantwerp
  • Bar LEFT #thisisantwerp
  • Bar LEFT #thisisantwerp
  • Bar LEFT #thisisantwerp
  • Bar LEFT #thisisantwerp
  • Bar LEFT #thisisantwerp
  • Bar LEFT #thisisantwerp

I've been of the radar for some time so I'm sorry I couldn't live up to my promise to visit a new bar every week during summer. But, I'm back now and it's time to hit the road again!

This week my bar of choice was a little bit out of the city, to be exact actually on the other side of the river, the Antwerp left bank, hence the bar’s name. But luckily you can cross the colossal river Scheldt through a little tunnel on top of the Kennedy tunnel and when you arrive on the other side, it's only a 5 minute walk to this new summer pop-up bar!

It's rather important that you use the Sint-Anna tunnel and NOT the pedestrian tunnel. If you end up taking the last one, the route to the summer pop up bar will be excruciatingly long. (like 20 minutes)

When you walk out of the Sint-Anna tunnel, you end up at the Galgenweel. This pond is a sailing pond and more importantly you’re not allowed to swim here. Which is rather fine because the water is a little bit greasy if you ask me. But the view is quite pleasing. At the corner you spot a place with beach chairs, a tent and a sand box for the little ones to play in. And yes sir! That is Bar Left.


Basic is all you need.

Bar Left is a very basic place, do not expect all the fancy smancy stuff which can be found at a lot of other summer bars. Don’t get me wrong, it has everything one may need to enjoy the sunny weather on a summer day!

The drinks are not too expensive and the snacks are to die for! I took hummus with toast (what can I say right, once a Jew always a Jew!) and it was one of the best I've had this summer! They have a lot of nice healthy vegetarian snacks, so veggies will be quite pleased here.


 Petite part of heaven

I especially liked the atmosphere, it was so calm, you instantly forget all the troubles when you're in this petite part of heaven! The only thing I have to mention, is that there are a lot of wasps around this summer so people who are allergic should be really careful here because we spotted a lot of these little stingy creatures! But if you don't have any allergies then don't be a pussy and get your ass over there, because it really is peaceful with the boats all sailing around the lake and the summer breeze shimmering on the water.


Overall I can say I was very pleased by this visit to yet another pop-up summer bar! I will be coming here again and enjoy my wodka-Almdudler (wohooow for Almdudler!!) with the hummus and toast with the amazing view over the Galgenweel.


Text and pics by Cleo Klapholz


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