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  • Sir Richard #thisisantwerp
  • Sir Richard #thisisantwerp
  • Sir Richard #thisisantwerp
  • Sir Richard #thisisantwerp

When I first heard about Sir Richard, I immediately knew I wanted to experience their full treatment. One fresh haircut and sacrificed beard later, I made this video of the entire process. Click here to see -->

Sir Richard from Strutter View on Vimeo.

The hair salon / barbershop opened recently across the National Bank in Antwerp and what a place it is!

Steven Richard and Sigi Roels, the hair masterminds behind Sir Richard, have created an environment that comes close to the perfect hair salon, if you ask me. No annoying spots while you have your hair washed, but a ceiling with playful white bulbs. Every material and detail is making you feel at ease. My favourite? The magnificent cowhide chairs.

Though it is one salon, Sir Richard has two doors: one for men, one for women. The decoration and use of colours divides the space further optically in a playful yet stylish way.

One thing I was particularly excited about, was the traditional shave. It was everything I hoped for. For over half an hour I got pampered by skilled hands, with lotions, massages, brushed, warm towels and sharp blades. I felt reborn.


You’d expect that for this kind of salon you have to make reservations. Yet Steven Richard reassured me that you can just hop by if you suddenly want to get rid of your extra hair.

That’s the thing about Sir Richard: though everything is classy and luxurious, it has the feeling of a warm local business.

Finding a hairdresser that fully understands you is hard and Sir Richard has definitely mana.ged to get into my very selective list.



Camera: Nick Germeys

Text & editing: Vincent Van Reusel aka mister

Special thanks: Tosca PR for fixing an appointment



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