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  • Sette Piatti #thisisantwerp
  • Sette Piatti #thisisantwerp

Meet Sette Piatti: la dolce vita has never been so close. This deli brings the best of the pure Italian kitchen together: from Chianina burgers and seven (Sette) ready-made dishes (Piatti) to numerous products you can buy to awaken your inner “mamma” at home.

Nothing without passion

Everybody connected to Sette Piatti shares the same passion for craftsmanship and authenticity. The owners personally know the producers of the products that are offered and used in the shop. You can “meet” them as well and read their story in the small booklets you can find at the counter. Each producer is introduced: you’ll know who to thank for the Italian goodness on your plate.

Lunch, anybody?

All sandwiches are prepared with products from the store. Think mortadella, pecorino, coppa di parma,… even pronouncing the ingredients makes your mouth water. The cherry on the cake (and an absolute must-taste) is the exclusive Chianina meat (a true Italian breed) that’s used for thehamburgers.

Bring Italy home

You can choose between 235 different products in the shop to prepare a small food fest at your own table: pasta, sauce, wine, cheese, charcuterie, olive oil, … its’ all there. And if you don’t feel like cooking you can always try out one of the seven prepared dishes.

Summer tip: stop by at Sette Piatti on your way to deSingel and eat your lunch at Domein Hertoghe. Close your eyes and it’ll feel like you’re in Italy in no time (if the weather’s up for it). Che vita!


Sette Piatti

Lange Lozanastraat 231, 2018 Antwerpen

Velo Lozana

Mon-Sat: 9h-19h

Sunday: Closed


Sandwiches: between € 4.20 - € 4.90

Hamburgers: between € 6.5 - € 7.5

Sette Piatti: between € 14.2/kg - € 34.82/kg

Check out the full menu and wide range of products online.


Text and images by Laura.