Scheld'apen is invading the Sjacherbeurs!

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Scheld'apen is invading the Sjacherbeurs (some kind of fixed flea market at the heart of Antwerp, where you can haggle) and we talked to Robin Hectors, who of course works at Scheld'apen (how else would he know all this stuff), to find out a bit more about what to expect this weekend!


How did the idea come about for Scheld'apen to go to the Sjacherbeurs?

We were thinking about ways to upgrade our yearly Jaart Sail, a creative yard sale concept. Our artistic director was at the Sjacherbeurs a few weeks before the brainstorm and thought it would be a really cool idea to invade that place and do it there. It also fits with the vision we had for this year: Because we are moving to the other end of the city in december, we wanted to do a lot of projects on many different locations around town. It’s like a symbolic journey to our new location at the Ankerrui.The concept is pretty simple: we gathered many designers, artists, bricoleurs and other interesting people together to claim a part of the Sjacherbeurs for a weekend. We concentrated on DIY art, music and fashion stuff, ecology, design and just plain fun.  How many artists/people have confirmed already that they will be selling stuff?

We pretty much got almost all the artists/people we wanted, and it sums up to around 30 people and organizations. There’s going to be a lot of zines and print work from around the globe, tapes and vinyls from small labels, some handmade gear and clothing and so on. We also have a MaakBâr (repair café): here you can bring broken electronics, objects, jewelry and clothing to be fixed by some people who know what they are doing. You can bring your stuff with you, or things you bought at the sjacherbeurs and they will make it brand new. You can find the list of participants on our website, if you look at our project page there will be a description of every stand.   If there are that many people, how big is the lot you guys reserved?

It's about a quarter of the whole lot. 

I read somewhere that somethings will be handed out by tombola, you can also swap stuff,... How will it work exactly?

We don’t know much about the tombola; The people from the ‘Harmonie’ magazine are going to do something fun with the concept though. The ‘Swap Closet’ is something else: there will be a closet were you can put stuff in that you don’t want anymore, and take an object from that closet in return. We’ll start of by putting some books and objects in there first and hope others will join in. If you just finished your book for example, maybe there will be something nice in the closet to swap it with.

 Can you give us a sneak preview at what's to come? Maybe just tell us your favorite thing that will be for sale...

Well I’ve already gave an impression above, but there’s a lot of fun stuff to do next to buying beautiful art, music and clothes. For example, I will probably spend some time on the 'Winnitron', a machine that let’s you play a collection of indie games made by independent developers. There are some Belgian games in it too! Then I’ll visit Renée Simons at her maquillage stand for some bad-ass face-paint. I can’t decide between a cute bunny rabbit or an allegory of the decline of western civilisation. It’ll probably be a combination of the two. I don’t know yet. I still have some time to think this through and maybe make some sketches for reference.  


Scheld'apen at the Sjacherbeurs - May 4th & 5th

Oude Vaartplaats 18

2000 Antwerp

Entrance: €1,5 // 10am - 6pm