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Yesterday night, something extraordinary happened. Antwerp’s first lobster bar opened. And not just any lobster bar, no sir, it was the most marvelous restaurant ever. Think ultra-hip deco, think trendy interior and divine food. Think waiters in voguish fisherman outfits and lobster transformed into an accessible product. Do you have a mental image yet? Well, I can assure you that the reality is ten times better. 

We arrived when the launch party started, so we were lucky enough to talk to the new owners before they could disappear in the crowd.Victoria and Max, both millennials, are originally from Ukraine and Russia, but they’ve been living in London the past ten years. Victoria grew up in Belgium from the age of six. A year ago they decided to start a new adventure and open a lobster bar. Since Belgium is apparently the fifth biggest consumer of lobster, this wasn’t such an odd choice. Before they knew, Savage was born. 

The name Savage refers to the French sauvage, meaning wild and raw. But at the same time it also refers to its Hebrew meaning: brave. If you combine these you can easily think about our tiny but strong friend, the lobster. 

Victoria and Max wanted to make the lobster more accessible to a genuine public because who would want to be denied this glorious taste bud party? Nobody! Which is exactly why they created Savage. Everything beams trendiness and this can be found not only in the interior but also in the food itself. Of course you can enjoy an entire lobster but you can also delight in the lobster rolls with sweet potato fries or a beef burger. All exquisite by the way.

Last thing I would like to say, before I will make you rush over there, is that the interior was designed by the Antwerp based interior design bureau Pink Eye. They designed the perfect surrounding for this luxurious product. One of my favorite eye catchers was the chalk instruction manual on the wall created by a local artist.

I truly hope I was able to convince you, but please check it out for yourself. And trust me: within the first minute you’ll want to make this place into your regular Friday night hangout spot.

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Text and pics by Cleo Klapholz


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