Salades and Flamingo's at Flamoush

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  • Flamoush restaurant #thisisantwerp
  • Flamoush restaurant #thisisantwerp
  • Flamoush restaurant #thisisantwerp

Last week I discovered a new kind of salad bar in our town. And I must say that new discoveries are a seldom event because I kind of know my city from the inside out! So when I found this one I was most amazed about this secret spot of wonders.

Pink Flamingo's

First thing I spotted was the pink flamingo in the street (and no I was not high) . I was quite intrigued by this weird presence in the streets of my little A-town! As soon as I walked in, the surprise hit me right in the face, even more flamingo’s !!

Every detail in this place shouts “FUN” , best example is probably the menu! Instead of some lame plain standard setup, Flamoush incorporated a choice menu, this means that you can choose every single ingredient in your dish

I chose a couscous with feta, apple and a spicy sauce if I recall correctly! And it was very yummy indeed.


But! The coolest thing about this tiny restaurant is probably that they host different kind of events! This weekend you can go to their X-mas brunch with lots of bubbly and tasty snacks. Another unique concept is their Take-Away X-mas dinner for people who don’t want to cook or are celebrating by themselves!

Finally, the event in which I can’t wait to partake is the cooking event that they will host. You are invited with a bunch of friends to learn how to cook a special meal and afterwards indulge in this amazing meal that you created.

I'll Be Back

Overall I can say that the flamingo lured me in but the food and atmosphere made sure that I will go back as soon as possible!


Text by Cleo Klapholz - Antwerp Hashtag Queens

Pics by Cleo Klapholz - Antwerp Hashtag Queens


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