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  • RUMBLE IN DA JUNGLE #thisisantwerp
  • RUMBLE IN DA JUNGLE #thisisantwerp
  • RUMBLE IN DA JUNGLE #thisisantwerp

RUMBLE IN DA JUNGLE brings a new unseen genre of spectacle in Flanders. It’s a mixture of cultures and different languages, a spectacle that takes you back and forth from history to present.

 I would call it an exceptional work of partnership between great talents that found their way throughout the underground scene. They managed to bring what they do into some of the most respected venues of Antwerp and Mechelen. 

Tonight (15/05) they are performing their last show in the beautiful venue The Roma. The performers are bringing back to life the legendary fight of ‘Rumble in da Jungle’.  When you enter the venue you see the boxing ring, the big band behind the boxing ring, the fighters, the dancers and the singers. Talking about an eye opener! 

It’s an entertaining spectacle, full of eye catchers. The performances are mainly in English mixed with Dutch, French and Spanish. Don’t worry, you’ll understand every message they’re telling you. Every drop of sweat these guys put in their acts make you feel the performance. They play like they owe it to the people to give back the hope they found through their battle. They talk to the people in the language of the people. With the greatest words: I AM – SOMEBODY!  You’ll not only feel touched, you’ll be sweating, dancing and laughing along with them feeling a burst of joy and hope warming up your heart and thoughts.




Text by Karima Ben Ammar.
Pics by Lucila Guichon.


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