The Roots in Green Paradise

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‘Are you joining me to the Roots concert?’ my friend asked. ‘No,’ I said. ‘I’m out of money’. ‘But it’s only €15!’ ‘Say what?!’ It’s only fifteen lousy Euros to watch the Roots at the beautiful open-air theatre Rivierenhof? Although there are concerts in this park during the whole summer, I had never been to Rivierenhof. And I had never seen the Roots. What a perfect timing.

Hip-hop concert

We had no idea where exactly the Park was located. ‘We were totally dependent on other people now. We biked around until we saw some girls with red lipstick and short dresses. They definitely looked like they were going to a hip-hop concert. So we got more and more hyperkinetic and followed them.

We entered Rivierenhof also known as: Green Paradise. What was the reason I had never been here before…. I live in Antwerp for 3 years now… The moment we saw more party people (a lot of hot guys with beards and caps, and more hot girls with short dresses and red lipstick), we knew we were in Heaven. We drank Mojito Royal and ate ‘Loempias’ (Vietnamese food with undefined ingredients).

The hip-hop started, the soul was on. We jumped as hard as we could. We shook our booties. We drank as alcoholics. We laughed like we had never laughed before. After the concert there was an after party in club Magic. And we followed Mr. DJ (one of the members of the hip-hop group) on the dance floor. He made us move to the left and move to the right. We jumped and waved and jumped and waved. What an evening…

Rivierenhof (and hopefully the Roots): see you soon!