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Have you ever been to a festival where you were able to listen to different genres of music combined?
Of course you have!

BUT have you ever been to a festival where there was more to see? Where you could hop around and listen to music and poetry, where you could see artwork and visual presentations? I guess not. No worries my friends! The time is right, the setting is right, the place is right! BECAUSE .... (drum beats) this weekend it is time for the one and only Relics art festival!!

What is this you ask?

It's a FREE (yes hallelujah it's free) art festival that brings joy to all of your senses. There will be spoken word, music, theatre, photography, graphic art and installations.

The creators of this amazing concept were sitting at a bar one night and realised that the best city in Belgium (which is without any question Antwerp) still needed a festival where joined spirits could wander around and create all kinds of amazing art. One thing led to another and before they knew it, Relics festival was created.The name 'Relics' has a cool story behind it as well. The first edition was hosted in a church and the organisers wanted a name that had some sort of religious tone to it. Suddenly the song 'Relics' from Pink Floyd was playing on the radio and they just knew it had to be the perfect name. A graphic designer made a logo for them, with an owl spreading its wings and this owl has been flying the last three years all over town searching for awesome art.

So why is this festival such a must see?

First of all, it's free so why not spend your weekend in cultural surroundings in stead of spending all your cash on booze?Secondly, you will be able to see some really cool new stuff, because it's not only a performance by the bands that everyone knows, but it's also a place where you can see the new rising talent of Antwerp. A selection was made of the best uprising talent in the city and they will show you their own interpretation of giving birth to art.

So why are you still doubting? Just go and have a blast!




Sat 19/10/2013 (2pm - …)

Sun 20/10/2013 (1pm – 6pm)

Het reuzenhuis

Turnhoutsebaan 110

Borgerhout, Antwerp



Text by Cleo.