Ready for the Eco(olest) club in town?

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A few months ago there was a rumor circulating about the opening of a hypermodern ecological club underneath the beautiful elevated Antwerp railway tracks. Since a lot of rumors pass through Antwerp, we didn’t realize it was actually being built while we were discussing whether or not the rumors would be true. But luckily for us Ampère is not a myth!!

Eco-friendly dancing

The first ecological club in Antwerp will open this Friday and I’m so looking forward to see all the amazing features the club has stored. There are 4 main aspects that make this club unique and make it earn its ‘ecological label’. These aspects are water, energy, waste deposit and materials are used for the construction of the club. The usage of recyclable energy is probably one of the most impressive facets of the club. Ampère employs a sustainable energy source to capture the heath people produce while dancing. The heath of 1000 people can generate energy for an entire week!! Furthermore a floor will be installed in collaboration with Energy Floors. This company produces floors that capture the dance movements and recycles it into electricity.

That my friend, is freaking next level technology clubbing!And I haven’t even explained everything yet!

More than a club

One of the other amazing facts about Ampère is they will collaborate with others to make it more of an entire concept instead of a club. Later this year Sound Architecture vinyl store will relocate to the top floor of Ampère. This record store is now located in Kammenstraat and is one of the most popular vinyl stores in town for electronic music. And there is more! They will also open a coffee shop/restaurant where all cuisines of the world will be present. There will also be room for expositions, lectures and debates. Finally, a box in box studio will be installed where young creatives can rehearse, record and design .

This Friday the first phase of this project will be launched when noone less than Laurent Garnier will blow off the roof!

I will be your humble reporter and make sure that you won’t miss a thing of this new extraordinary project! Be sure to book your tickets for the opening night in advance because the place will be stacked!! Is it Friday yet because I can hardly wait to get the party started!



Simonsstraat 21 , 2018 Antwerp


Text by Cleo Klapholz - Hashtag Queens

Pics by Alexandre Van Battel (c)


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Cleo Klapholz

Cleo Klapholz #thisisantwerp