RÖVEN by Nono C.

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  • RÖVEN by Nono C. #thisisantwerp
  • RÖVEN by Nono C. #thisisantwerp
  • RÖVEN by Nono C. #thisisantwerp

I can’t say I’m an expert in dance performances. Yet I’m very interested in young people who try to make a difference and tell their own story by dancing, playing theatre or making music. That’s the reason why the dance production ‘Röven’ of Nono C. seemed inspiring to me. I also read some good reviews of their first performance ‘O, Mensch’ which made me really hopeful.  And I must say: these two young women didn’t disappoint me at all.

Before and after the show there was an opportunity to enjoy a drink at the cosy bar: good start! When it started to get dark outside, we were led into the building, an old factory in the middle of Borgerhout. A cold industrial building with a concrete floor. A really nice location and in good contrast with the elegance of the dancers and the string quartet.


The dance production itself tells the story of a regular day in the life of two young women. I looked up the word Röven in advance and found out it means ‘ass’ in Swedish, no idea what this had to do with the performance. The fact that they used life music made the performance even more breathtaking. The musicians weren’t the only ones making music. The dancers used their bodies to produce sounds; their breath, their tapping feet and their bodies falling down on the cold floor. This made the performance really vivacious. The nice thing about such type of performance is you don’t need to understand the whole story or catch everything that happens to enjoy the show. You need to feel the experience. It’s rather emotional than rational.


On the fact of dancing qualities I’m not to judge but I thought they did really good. Yet I couldn’t help but noticing that one of the two dancers (Chanel Selleslach) danced with more devotion than the other one. To me it seemed she really gave every piece of herself and danced like her life depended on it. The other dancer (Gudrun Ghesquière) danced with a great nonchalance and yet urgency which pleased me as well.


Concluding is maybe superfluous because I already made my point clear: Röven is a really nice performance of young people who try to tell a story by dancing in their own way. I sincerely hope Nono C. will continue to make performances like this. 


Text and pictures by Louise


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