Pop-up to date (1): Lingerie & taxidermy

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District Berchem has got a thing with the number 3. As the third edition of Pop up to Date is taking place, three brand new pop-up stores opened their doors at the Driekoningenstraat.   

Jungle fever

JudithAnimaux Spéciaux, Driekoningenstraat 20

Although the combination of sophisticated lingerie and mounted animals seems a bit odd, there’s an unexpected and beautiful synergy that meets the eye while visiting Judith van Herck and Jeroen Lemaître’s pop-up store. Jeroen’s bold blue butterflies and metallic beetles mounted in glass domes fit perfectly with Judith’s geometric shaped under garments. As each item gives its own little touch to the shop, they all harmoniously create a sultry and tropical atmosphere.

The shop owners only met each other when they both applied for the Pop up to Date-event. So it’s a lucky coincidence that these outmost different creative souls seem to be a match made in heaven. Perhaps “jungle” would be more adequate, because being surrounded by tropical birds, a crocodile and a luxurious lingerie set it sure does feel like the temperature is rising.      

Feminin simplicity

Charlie - E*S, Driekoningenstraat 96

The second store on the Pop up to Date map is all about femininity. Held by two friends, the shop offers a mix of simplistic clothing by Charlie and fine jewelry by Eveline Slijper. The Charlie clothing collection consists of basic silhouettes that are continuously available and a more playful seasonal range of ensembles with an eye for detail. There’s a smaller collection available for men as well, but the main goal of the clothing brand is to become a perfect fit for all woman. Thus there is given the possibility to have certain pieces created on-measure.

Romantic & nostalgic souls

Flox, Driekoningenstraat 100

Flox, which refers to a flaming red colored flower species, is a little romantic shop where you can buy bio-flowers picked by Leen Van Camp and dreamy illustrations drawn by Marlies Van Dijck. It’s the ideal place to get that instant happy feeling and to maybe box that feeling to give it away as a present. Smiles guaranteed as it’s impossible to not be moved by the colorful composed bouquets or joyful drawings of reindeers, birds and foxes.

Former neighbors and now pop-up partners in crime, originally worked separately but saw a unique opportunity to create this heartfelt concept. Having seen one of Marlies’ handmade cards, Leen was immediately convinced that they could form a perfect team for the Pop up to Date event. For this project both ladies decided to align their work and thus arose Flox. A concept in full bloom that already has its roots firmly established in the Driekoningenstraat.

The pop-up shops will be open until the 13th of June on Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.


Up next are the four other pop-up stores at the Statiestraat… to be continued.


Text by Laetitia Sabiti - pointcinque.com

Pics by Laetitia Sabiti - pointcinque.com


pop-up bar Stulp

pop-up bar STULP opening #thisisantwerp

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Laetitia Sabiti

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