Pop-Up Antwerp: Update Part One

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In our latest issue of the This Is Antwerp magazine we wrote a piece about the pop up party culture in Antwerp. There are a lot of great concepts in town, so we thought we keep you updated on their latest events! 


Salton Seizure

What? Salton Seizure is a young Antwerp-based music organization, always on the lookout for promising local DJs and interesting bands, both national and international. A night typically includes a set by a local band, one international band and three DJs, although not necessarily in that order.

Dream line-up? “Well, if we got to pick from international bands, Future Islands, Wolf Parade, Death Grips, Ty Segall and Wolf Alice would be simply amazing. The ideal Belgian line-up would definitely include BRNS and MEAN.”

How do we know it’s a Salton Seizure? “We always bring our shiny curtains. We hang them on the DJ booth and on the stage. We got the idea from Spaceland (now The Satellite) in LA, where the whole room is draped with silver and blue metallic curtains. It creates an inviting atmosphere and adds a bit of life to the otherwise bare and cold venues. And of course the great music and all the fun you'll have.”

For whom? Everyone who loves music and is looking for new and exciting finds.

When and where? Although the first edition took place at Kavka, the upcoming shows will held be at TRIX. The first one will take place on April 8th. Coasts, an upcoming indiepop band from the UK, will be headlining the show followed by a night of dancing. It might be on a Tuesday but why not dance till 1am instead of sitting in front of the tv all night? 

On Facebook: Salton Seizure :: COASTS (uk) + TBC



What? ClitClap is like a house party but one where they only play trap music. The vibe is positive and sweaty.

Dream line-up? “Carnage, Hucci, Yellow Claw, Kid Kamillion, gLAdiator and GTA.”

How did they get started? “ClitClap started out as an out-of-control birthday party. We tried to organize a small party in the back room of café Multatuli, which has a capacity of about one hundred people. Before we knew it, our party went viral on Facebook and a whole bunch of party people showed up. Multatuli was packed and sweaty. And there were about two hundred more people outside waiting to get in. The cops showed up four times and around 4 am the bar ran out of drinks. So we thought: Damn, people really like this music and we are really having a good time, so why not continue organizing these events?”

When and where? About every two months they organize a party themselves, but sometimes they get invited to host at different parties. Although they’re constantly on the lookout for new locations, they always bring the typical ClitClap settings: two flags (with logo), plants (really!), a banner and a coloured tube light. The next event in Antwerp will be at a Kissinger event on March 22nd together with HOOD with a great lineup; V7L VXRDE, SHOREBITCH DJ'S (UK), LVRZ, CRUNKLE BEN'S & TRIPPY TINEZ, PATAT, NASTY NA, KONICHIWA CREW, SEXY, HONEY DUUZEND & GHASTLY GOONS

For whom? For anyone who likes hiphop, trap, moombah, r&b and sweaty fun

On Facebook: C L I T C L A P ★ H O O D


Hush Hush

What? A party at which the music exceeds the hype, where classics and cutting-edge songs are easily interwoven, where everybody is welcome, where the best DJs are on the bill and where the resident DJs are equally important as the headliners.

Dream line-up? “As long as our residents Hush Hefner, The Whatevers or TLP bring their blend of old school funk, disco, classics, trap, pop, future bass and ‘90s r&b, it doesn’t matter who else is playing!”

Off the record? “There are no flyers, no posters, no spam. We keep it Hush Hush, on the down low and on the q.t.. And if you didn’t know, you know now.”

For whom? Everyone, though strictly 18+.

When and where? The next edition will take place at the Pekfabrik this weekend, you can still get tickets at The Public Image or Plaza Real!

On Facebook: HUSH HUSH #007


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