Ploy Pochana: Thai Tavern

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  • ploy pochana #thisisantwerp

Good news! You don’t need to fly 6 hours to Bangkok to eat finger licking good Phad Thai (I admit, it’s all time classic): Antwerp has Ploy Pochana, a small tavern in Chinatown that’s easy to miss because it looks like a simple bar from the outside.

Don’t be fooled!

Walk in, get a warm welcome and a sweet smile from the ladies behind the bar and ask for a table in the back. You’ll see - the decor changes quickly: from barstools to nice wooden walls, a Buddha and flowers.


It all looks so good

It’s really hard to make a choice from the extensive menu (with a wide variety of vegetarian dishes as well). No Thai expert? Let me suggest HOI KRATIEM (Scallops with pepper and garlic) as a starter and PHAD THAI (Veggie Thai noodles) with NUA PHAD NOM MAN HOY (Baked pork with oyster sauce) afterwards. True delights, authentically prepared.

If you like spicy it’s probably best to check if you should go for green, yellow or red curry (I tend to mix up the colours).


Eat-in or takeaway

Ploy Pochana only has a few tables but I always managed to get one without making reservations. They are open from Tuesday until Sunday (all day/evening). It’s also possible to order food & take it home, the menu is available online


Ploy Pochana: Thai Tavern

Van Wesenbekestraat 69, 2060 Antwerpen

Velo station: 032 - Permeke

Open Tuesday - Sunday (12h - ...)

Cash, Visa, MasterCard




Text by Laura

Pictures by Laura