Party in silence at MEATPACK

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  • this is antwerp

A year ago, Meatpack took over an old factory shed in Antwerp and created a creative hub inspired on - and named after - the bustling Meatpacking District in New York. Meatpack is used for several different purposes such as parties, exhibits, creative offices and markets. Last Friday, they hosted Stille Disco ("Silent Disco") and we were there to report.  

Let’s be honest. What’s not to love about a silent disco?! You put on your headphones, cancel any cheesy opening lines of people hitting on you and choose between three channels. This way, you can always listen and party to music of your taste which is – in our opinion – just plain awesome.

Stille Disco invited three DJ’s that played disco, hip hop & afro tunes so we could dance like nobody was watching. The vibe was great and people where clearly loving the fact that they could switch channels. People were constantly trying to convince each other to switch channels, because the song they were listening to was definitely better than the one their friend was listening to.

It was a real funny spectacle to watch and even more funny to listen to without our headphones on, because people were also singing along like they would normally do in a club.

From time to time, we were struck with a healthy dose of FOMO (fear of missing out). We would be listening to one channel, and suddenly saw people going bonkers over a song on another channel. But rest assured: in the end, every channel turned out great. Being able to split yourself in two would not have been an unnecessary luxury at those moments.

We were already convinced, but if you are too, the next edition goes down on February 1, 2019. For more information and tickets: click here.


Text and pics by Eline Graat


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