One thrilling 12 hour music marathon in 2020

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Ah New Year’s Eve! What an amazing time to celebrate with your friends and family! Fireworks, dinner, bubbles! Everything your heart desires right in one room. After dinner you’re out and about and you party until the sun rises above our beautiful river. To make sure you have an amazing night, there is a special group of people who are working their butts off! Yes all the bartenders and waiters in our city are working their usual 12 hour shifts just to make sure you can have that extra glass of champagne when you’re already too wasted to know what you are drinking.So my fellow work horses, my fellow horeca-soldiers, what about you guys? Don’t you deserve a New Year’s Eve party to remember? Don’t you deserve that extra glass of champagne?

YES YOU DO! And the best event organizer in town is bound to give you a night to remember!

I’m talking about Estaciones Musica of course! These are the guys that brought you Oniya, which was that mind-blowing boat party on the river! These are the people that come up with a new unique concept every season and have arranged an extraordinary night the 1st of January. For all of those who have to work on NewYear’s eve and for all of those die hard party-goers that need another night to celebrate the new decennium !What makes these guys kings of the event scene? Not only do they offer unique concepts with huge headliners, this party will be a 12 hour marathon of pumping beats! It starts at 7 pm the first of January and will go on until 7 am! So for those of you birdies who are already fresh and chirpy the 1st, you can already enter this musical heaven and be guided by the tones of musical legends until you can’t feel your feet anymore!

If you are not sure why you should crawl out of bed the first day of 2020, I think the line-up with Booka Shade, Luigi Madonna, Nick Curly and Kapibara should convince you in a heartbeat. These guys are supported by our own local heroes Pirres, SKNDL soundsystem, Niels Feijen and Senses of mind! You might have seen our heroes at the Oniya boat party where the blew the roof of the boat!!

So get your asses over to the Facebook page and buy your tickets!


# Where : Ampere

# What : the best party in town with Booka Shade

# Price : €18

# When : January 1, 2020, 7pm -7am


Text by Cleo Klapholz

Pic by Estaciones Musica


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