OMU : Turning Council Flats Into Art

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  • OMU #thisisantwerp
  • OMU #thisisantwerp
  • OMU #thisisantwerp

This Sunday a group of artist are turning the empty social council flats in Van Craesbeeckstraat, Antwerp into a public museum. The outside of the building will be the decor for the art project titled “OMU” (Openbaar Museum or Public Museum in Dutch). I spoke to event coordinator Frederik Lizen about the project.

OMU - Openbaar Museum - Public Museum

“The Public Museum’s first exhibition will be showing the widest possible picture of what contemporary art can be. From photography to installations, sculptures and paintings, everything is covered.” says Lizen. The event will be very Antwerp-themed, considering most of the artist such as Rinus Van de Velde, Pol Matthé, Guy Rombouts, Oscar Hugal and Benjamin Verdonck are locals. 

The inauguration of the impromptu museum this Sunday offers a chance for locals and everyone interested to come down and take a look. Drinks will be present and you could get the chance to become a symbolic museum director or curator, since the organisation wants everyone to carry a title in this public project.

The council flats in Van Craesbeeckstraat (close to the Nationalestraat) has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. The building, designed by architect Gustaaf Fierens, is abandoned. Since then much political discussion has ensued and decisions have been made and revoked many times before. A definitive destination for the building is due soon and the city of Antwerp is doing everything it can to ensure the building a positive future. The young contemporary artists presenting their work on Sunday definitely deliver a beautiful kick start to that future.


OMU - Openbaar Museum (Public Museum)

Opening Event Sunday

October 26th 3 PM until 10 PM

Van Craesbeeckstraat 23-332000 Antwerpen

Permanently opened afterwards.


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