A new safe haven for coffee lovers: Kolonel Koffie

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Coffee lovers all over the world: rejoice, because there is a new coffee bar in town, named Kolonel Koffie. The owner of this brand new bar, Kobe, is a charming young barista with a true passion for coffee.

The start

It all started with the tour around Australia and New Zealand he made after his studies. He discovered how popular coffee culture is over there and started experimenting with coffee in his own living room, for his close friends. He soon discovered he had a knack for brewing black gold, so when he came back to Belgium, he decided to start his own business.

Modern/vintage interior

He had been on the lookout for the right building for ages, until he finally found the perfect place for his coffee bar: a beautiful historical corner building that used to be a cigar/liquor store. The interior is a mix between vintage and modern and goes perfectly with the historical features of the house. Downstairs there’s an open bar area with one long bench beside the window, that has a view on the counter with coffee machine, where Kobe brews his goodies. He preferred this arrangement to maintain contact with his customers. If you want to suck up to Kobe, try complimenting him on the furniture: he made it himself! When you take the spiral staircase upstairs, you find a cosy, more café-like area, with tables and chairs, where you can hang out for hours.

Piece of art

The coffee itself is great, Kobe selects the beans himself and makes every café latte into a little piece of art. He is currently even practising to make a latte art dragon! So stop by Kolonel Koffie, be greeted by one of the best barista’s in Antwerp and enjoy a great coffee, tea and/or muffin!



Address: Grote Pieter Potstraat 38, 2000 Antwerpen

Open Tue.-Fri.: 10.00h-18.00h, Sat.-Sun.: 11.00h-18.00h

Free wifi available