New Kids in town! ::16 #1::

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  • New Kids in Town ::16 #1:: #thisisantwerp
  • New Kids in Town ::16 #1:: #thisisantwerp

Every new year comes with new year's resolutions, so, drum roll… meet our new monthly blog item: NEW KIDS IN TOWN!

How it arose? Do you know the feeling, walking around in our beloved city, thinking: “I never seen this awesome bar before. Or this cosy restaurant. And what’s this, a new club?” We have it every day, ten times a day. Antwerp is a vibrant magnet for young creatives and start-ups. New hotspots are popping up like mushrooms all over Antwerp its fruitful city land. And sometimes, too much to cover in our blogposts. Never miss out on one again. Time to share our hot, new Antwerp ‘favs’. Your welcome!


St. Vincents is a trendy new concept store in downtown Antwerp. It opened 4 weeks ago. The owners have a unique gut for combining design, fashion and coffee. Try to resist the cosy atmosphere, we sure can’t. Definitely our new favourite hang out!


Kleine Markt 13 :: 2000 Antwerp


YUMMIE! Last week, two Swiss sisters started a new veggie restaurant in Grote Pieter Potstraat. Not only can you enjoy delishhhh plates. Both sisters, a drawer and a photographer, will expose their own work here. Antwerp sure can use more veggie restaurants. And what an amazing concept! Their motto? Less is more. Only a few high-quality meals are offered. They work with local bio farmers and with Caffenation for their coffee to ensure that. Come see it for yourself.


Grote Pieter Potstraat 21 :: 2000 Antwerp


One store combining two concepts: extremely popular! CronopiO is one of the greater new concept stores in Antwerp. It is a bookstore and coffee bar in one! Imagine a divine selection of fine books, coffee and even wine, it is a catch for book-food-trends-loving Antwerp. To celebrate the opening, visitors can enjoy the peculiar exhibition Low Cost Design #1 (Michel Van Beirendonck). Such fun!


Kasteelpleinstraat 19 :: 2000 Antwerp


HURRY! Fancy a six-course menu that doesn’t hurt your bank account? Than don’t miss this amazing pop up restaurant! Two words: pureness and funkiness. It is an original concept in which food sharing is done fully justice. Excite your senses in this cosy, rather authentic Latino eatery, with sharing dishes or aperitif by the fireplace and carbonized art with cigars, tequila and cocktails of the house. This pop-up of master chef Peter Vlyminck is open ‘till 23 January.


Lange Gasthuisstraat 21 :: 2000 Antwerp


Kornél is a famous Antwerp coffee bar and co-working atelier. One to watch! The bar is also renowned for its high-quality chocolate. It organizes tastings, documentaries and lectures to discover the origin of the products it sells. Huis Haas, a platform for publications and exhibitions for young illustrators and graphics, organizes three-monthly an exposition at Kornél. Very soon, five female friends will take over the bar and come up with a new, unique concept.


Sint-Lambertusstraat 1 :: 2600 Berchem - Antwerp

VI. Buurtkost

Buurtkost has opened its doors! Be welcome for your daily take-out portion of all things healthy! Jump in for veggie soups, bio coffee, local products, tasty lunch boxes. You can even shop groceries here! YAY! Buurtkost is a great green initiative by Soepmie, Les Odettes and SOPPA FEST. We just L O V E this!


Dambruggestraat 36/1 :: 2060 Antwerp


Text by Lize Colson

Pics by Buurtkost & St-Vincents & Cronopio


Sneak peak: Exposed Music


Bar Bakeliet


Lize Colson

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