New This Is Antwerp Magazine - Summer Edition 2012

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Summer's here! And so is our new This Is Antwerp Magazine. The Summer Edition 2012 arrived at our office yesterday and is now available in all the hotspots in Antwerp!

With its countless cultural sights, eye-catching architecture, and high-fashion character, the least you can say is that Antwerp is both an inspirational and aspirational city. "Antwerp is the perfect city if you want to start something cool, young and creative", says Sebastiaan of VRbeeld, one of the four living examples of how this inspiration colours Antwerp. To show off the city's spacious parks and vibrant urban culture, we're taking you on a bike tour to discover and really feel the vibe of the city. 

Also, this summer, Antwerp is all about contemporary art, and we found the perfect hidden jewels to lift this experience to a higher level. We went on a search for the best burger in town (boy, was that tasty), and listed the coolest markets and urban sports places for you. To top it off, we decided to unravel the coolest on trend shops you probably wouldn't have found without us. You can thank us later!This Is Antwerp is a guide to discover the city with the benefit of insider knowledge. The magazine and the accompanying app are full of tips from people who know the city, and addresses to help you get the maximum out of your city trip. You can track most hotspots on the 'Antwerp by bike' map that you find in this magazine.

Don't wait. Plan your trip now, so you can experience the spirit of the city yourself.