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  • Il Capriani #thisisantwerp
  • Il Capriani #thisisantwerp

Italian restaurants are easy to find in Antwerp, there are so many scattered all around our little town. So one might need some guidance in the matter, which I am more than eager to give.

Il Capriani

Last week the official opening of a new exquisite Italian restaurant took place. Il Capriani is the product  of two young brothers who already own two other restaurants in Turnhout and Edegem. Fortunately for us aka the Sinjoren (ed slang for locals from Antwerp) these two handsome jewish boys decided to grab the opportunity that was presented to them and they opened a restaurant on Eilandje , very close to the MAS museum. This new spot is more than delightful and I’m not only talking about the food! The waiters are pure Italian and greet you in this beautiful language of love. The building itself is also a piece of art, there is a vaulted ceiling in the basement which makes you feel like a lady (or lord) dining in a classy restaurant in the middle ages.


foremost , the main reason why you should add this restaurant to your Antwerp trip, is the mouthwatering Italian cuisine. The food makes all your taste buds dance with joy. I had a ravioli with lobster and gamba’s with a flawless sauce at a very reasonable price (21€) .

However, the dish that blew my mind was dessert. I had a Tartuffo Nero (chocolate truffle ice cream)  and my friend had a classic Tiramisu which was out of this world.

If you decide to visit the MAS building (which is like a necessity if you visit Antwerp) and you are in the mood for Italian, this is the place to be.

Buen Appetito!


Text by Cleo Klapholz - the Antwerp Hashtag Queens

Pics by Cleo Klapholz - the Antwerp Hashtag Queens


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