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Meet Kofika: a sleekly designed coffee bar and lunch spot.

First, coffee!

At Kofika coffee isn’t just “that black liquid stuff that wakes you up in the morning”.  It’s a drink with personality. Whether you want it quick or you like to hear it slowly fill your cup, the baristas always make time to tell you a bit more about what they’re serving. If you’re looking for something new they’re ready to advise you as well. This way you’ll get coffee that fits you even more. Your mood, your taste, your moment of the day. Beans are roasted and provided by Cuperus.


L’embarras du choix

When it comes to lunch you can get really greedy. It’s healthy and you don’t need to choose what to have (yes, one less choice to make during the day!), just say the magic words “a little bit of everything please”.  A medium plate should fill you up pretty well already but I always go for the large one, simply because I can’t help myself.

I’m not going to sum up all the food on the plate (it would fill up an entire paragraph), but it involved triangles filled with marinated scampi and cilantro,  bulgur with pistachios and red grapes, rice noodles with roasted pumpkin and radishes,… (and yes, again, you get it all, freshly prepared by Soekmekaar).

If you want a smaller alternative you can always opt for a soup as well or run straight to the desserts and cakes from Bambi’s Mom & the Cooking Factory.

It was about time this little corner got a nice place to hang out. Take advantage of it after you had your Saturday swim at De Wezenberg, or whenever you’re around. In case you didn’t know: the biggest Albert Heijn of Belgium is only a few metres away as well. And God knows we all need a place to gain strenghts before or after entering a supermarket maze.



Doornelei 2

2018 Antwerpen

Mo-Fri: 08:00 – 17:00

Sat: 09:00 – 18:00 


text by Laura Schillemans

Pics by Laura Schillemans


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