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Honesty hour, I like partying to Justin Beaver and Major Blazer just as much as any other 16 year old girl. But on those rare moments when I’m not lamenting Zayne’s exit from 1D, I listen to my fair share of Indie, Alternative and Rock’n’Roll. Think Jake Bugg, Joy Division, Black Keys, ALT-J, The Beatles and whatnot. But this isn’t music that would work on the dancefloor right? Right? Wrong.

I present to you, fresh in Antwerp, LONDON CALLING.

I bet you look good on the dancing floor

So I’m walking through the city on a Saturday night, the streets crawling with either those who are drunk already or those who are on their way to become just that. My equally sober companion and I arrive at the Order, previously known as Stockholm S, our destination for the night. So I’m walking towards the entrance, ready turn on my make-believe swagger because you know…bouncers. But nope, no bouncers, only slightly confused I walk in. And let me tell you this, words to describe how good it feels to walk onto the dancefloor with Alex Turner (ed: Arctic Monkeys) singing: “I bet you look good on the dancefloor”, have yet to be invented.

Labels in Antwerp

First thing I notice, as soon as I’m in, is the wide range of people present. In terms of age, style, ethnicity, everything. Rockers and hipsters, young and old, white and me; and so on and so on. But who gives a crap about labels anyway anno 2015, not when the atmosphere is so freaking good. The turntables are (wo)manned by the Spectors and Young Rascal, young Belgian artists who are quite familiar with the Indie scene. Song after song after song the entire crowd chants along the lyrics and everyone is just riding along on the same vibes. No wonder bouncers are redundant here, I feel like people are trying to smile me to death.

The scene in the city

Meanwhile, the host of the evening, aka Olly, is all over the place. Welcoming everyone, having a chat here and there. So when my turn comes up and I ask him: “Why Antwerp?” His answer goes a little bit like this: “Because the scene is not been well presented enough yet. London Calling is all about the people and music. Antwerp needs something like this to flourish the scene in the city.” And I couldn’t agree more, I met tons of people and for once we were connected not by alcohol…but by music. Ok, not just music but you get the point.

So after rapewalking two girls home (look up what it means, don’t call the cops please), that was it, that was London Calling.

Next London Calling edition

Like I said before, it’s hard to describe this kind of ambience in words, but you should see it for yourself. If you like this genre of music, or even if you don’t, and you want to meet different people and just generally have a great time. Mark October 31st in you agendas for the next (halloween) edition of London Calling, see you there!


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