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  • Manou @ Oever 28 #thisisantwerp
  • Manou @ Oever 28 #thisisantwerp
  • Manou @ Oever 28 #thisisantwerp
  • Manou @ Oever 28 #thisisantwerp

In late December of last year, a new concept store near Antwerp's famous Kloosterstraat opened it's doors. After years of professional experience and know-how in the worlds of beauty, fashion and interior, owner and founder Manou Van Treeck opened up her first stand-alone store blending her exquisite taste in fashion, accessories and design.

Daring to be different

So what makes this store so different? First of all there's the building that houses MANOU@OEVER28. It is a protected monument and embodies the art-deco movement that captivated Antwerp at the beginning of last century. With her store, Manou hopes to exhilarate visitors and offer them an alternative to today's mass-consumption attitude in fashion and design. Long story short, a unique boutique that focuses on design and craftsmanship, on quality rather than quantity, in the middle of Antwerp city.

Quality before quantity

The boutique offers a selection of handpicked clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories, ceramics and other selected design objects. In clothing the store focuses on pure materials such as cashmere, yak wool, silk, pure cotton and cashmere blends. Manou offers new and exciting fashion brands such as Polder, but also has several manufacturers who design specifically for her. The handbags for instance are exclusively designed for the shop by an artisan atelier in Paris. In jewelry Manou has included names like Marie Laure Chamorel, Marianna Battle and a very inspiring brand from the U.S, The Giving Keys. The ceramic work on display right now is from the hands of Christiane Perrochon and Rina Menardi, just to name a few. MANOU@OEVER28 currently carries over 35 brands, most of them new on the Belgian market and they are constantly refreshing their stock. Worth checking out if you are looking for beautifully crafted clothing or design that most likely no one else has. We approve!


Oever 28 (between Kloosterstraat and Hoogstraat)

2000 Antwerp, Belgium

+32 (0) 468 251 820


Text by Laurent James
Pics by Michael Smith


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