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There are a lot of coffee bars in Antwerp,especially the last two years, and we do have the weather for it! Although the weather was/is really nice this summer, half of the time, it's cold or rainy and that makes our city the perfect place for coffee bars (reminds a bit of Seattle!). But with so many, which are the best? Well, we made a list on foursquare with the ones our locals love....

Kolonel Koffie

Kolonel Koffie is a small two story coffee bar in an old house in the middle of the historic city center. The decor is really nice and warm, the people are super friendly and they have a small and cute terrace at the front. This place really is a local's favourite!

The menu

Ofcourse they have a big menu filled with different coffees (regular, latté, cappuccino, iced coffee,...)  but if coffee isn't for you, don't worry because they offer a lot of alternatives like tea, lemonade... So grab a cup to go or meet your friends for coffee and cake!


Kolonel Koffie

Montignystraat 51

2018 Antwerp


Opening hours:

Tue-Sat: 10am-6pm

Sun: 11am-6pm


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