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Once upon a time there was a magical place in the forest, close to the city but just far enough, near the only Northern castle this city could call its own. It was a place where early evening summer gatherings transformed into spectacular parties and where everyone was perfectly happy. One of these summer gatherings is coming up next week and you will need a very good excuse to miss it, because you should've been looking forward to this all year.

Naturally I’m talking about the KleinHouse festival which will take place this year on May 20.

It all started when my bestie and fellow This is Antwerp colleague Laetitia wrote a little piece about this specific gathering on this very website. I was drawn to her words like a bee to honey. Because I absolutely adore festivals where art and music is combined into one amazing happening. When you add an incredible line-up to this, you have some very happy dancing queens on the field.

I spoke to the six organizers and Yves Massignani's words filled me with joy when he spoke about what to expect this year.

Not only will we be mesmerized by the INTERSPACES, which are architectural masterpieces that are put together by the students of Sint Lukas (the art college) and their teacher Michiel Helbich, we will also find ourselves smitten with the MIRROR/GLITCH installation that Thomas Nam Hao Thai from the Antwerp art collective Nacht Collectief will create. I’ve heard that it will be an energetic mix of structure, texture and light, which should be viewed at dawn.Only the sound of these installations has spiked my curiosity and I can’t wait to wander around and explore.

However, not only these installations will make this spring day a whole lot more interesting, also the cocktails and snacks will be worth our time! The cocktails will be in collaboration with our favorite vodka brand Absolut and the food will be provided by out of the ordinary food trucks. Apparently the Pieper Mobiel will be providing us with Spanish and Flemish snacks, the Table d’Ho will have Korean street food at your disposal and the Urban Cook Food Truck will have some gourmet burgers to die for. We will also have the opportunity to try out insect burgers and a whole variety of Belgian Beers.

If you’re not convinced yet (which I highly doubt) then I will tell you that the amazingly strong line-up will make you jump for joy. Roman Flügel (DE), Gerd Janson (DE),  Palms Trax (DE) , Call Super (DE), Elias Mazian (NL), Pender Street Steppers (CA) and Moxie (UK) and naturally Hush Hefner (The master Yves himself)  are just a tip of the iceberg. Because this year you can also decide to be mister fantastic DJ yourself with your usb stick, which can be plugged into one of the sound systems.

I can’t wait to be part of this magical spring evening and see the sun go down on the River Scheldt and see the moon rise and shine on our dancing heads.

See you all there!

Want to be a part of KleinHouse 2017?

Follow KleinHouse on Facebook or check the eventpage and website for more information. Or just skip ahead and buy your tickets here.


Text by Cleo Klapholz

Pics of KleinHouse 2016 by STYN / KleinHouse


KleinHouse Open Air 2017

this is antwerp

D.A.T.E. 2017

this is antwerp

Cleo Klapholz

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