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This year’s festival season will be ushered in with a little green house party in the midst of the city of Antwerp. There’ll be music, great food, booze and an oasis of nature where you can do your little happy dance moves.

TIA: What inspired you to organize this brand new music festival?

Kathleen: We are simply eight friends who share a great passion for music. We actually met at several music venues such as concerts and festivals by tagging along with friends who already knew each other. And so we became this kind of clique that reunites at every occasion that revolves around music. Even if that occasion happens to be in the Netherlands, the UK or even Spain. At some point, after having gone to quite a lot of festivals, we asked ourselves – “Why not throw our own music festival?”. It would be like this huge party for all our friends and their friends and even their friends.

TIA: How would you describe this new festival?

Kathleen: Well first of all, very green. KleinHouse festival distinguishes itself from festivals that produce a lot of waist. We actually try to limit our ecological footprint by creating an environmentally friendly venue. Our second cornerstone is the intimacy we’re trying to aim for. We want KleinHouse to be an intimate and cozy environment where you feel at home. We’ve tried to bring that concept forward in the name of our festival. KleinHouse. A small home where we play music of upcoming new artists. That last part is by the way our third feature. KleinHouse promotes starting entrepreneurs and dj’s. We love people who dare to take initiative and thought it would be nice to give them a shot at our festival.

TIA: Come to think of it, we’ve read that the festival will be divided into several rooms as if it were a house. So now I’m wondering what was first. The name or the house?

Kathleen: That would be the name of our festival. Our most creative team member came up with the “architecture” afterwards. When we came to inspect the area here at Noordkasteel, he all of a sudden had this great idea to build two massive doors at the entrance, that would be open, welcoming guests to our KleinHouse. And we kind of applied that idea throughout our whole concept. Thus we will also have a Kitchen, Wardrobe, Liquor Cabinet and Garden.

TIA: So what can we find at this little home of you and your friends?

Kathleen: Most importantly a stage where both national as international upcoming dj’s will be playing their tunes from noon till midnight.

TIA: Will that be the living room?

Kathleen: Sure, why not? With all the side activities that we will be organizing at KleinHouse, the stage will essentially be the central point around which our festival is set up. The gathering point, where people come together to enjoy music. However, our guests can not only discover new music, they can also get the latest scoop on fashion and design at the Scoopstore’s little pop-up store in our Wardrobe. Or maybe get a complete make-over by the Redken Young Ones team between 2 and 6 p.m.. Of course there will be food as well. We will provide an extensive selection of cuisine in our Kitchen. Going from healthy food prepared by Charlies to insect burgers by BenSBugs and haute cuisine by Folie de Food, appealing to a broader public.

TIA: Well the Liquor Cabinet is obviously the place where you can find booze and other drinks. But what treasures can we find at the garden?

Kathleen: Our Garden is our little chill out zone. We’ve decorated it with sofa’s and a photo wall with the artwork of street photographer Artur Eranosian. Those impatient to know what their future will bring, can also pay a little visit to our fortune teller who’ll be somewhere at a secretive spot in our Garden. What’s more… the beauty of the nature.

TIA: Speaking of which, it strikes me that you guys pay a lot of attention to the environment, which doesn’t seem so evident for a music festival. In what ways are you trying to reduce your ecological footprint?

Kathleen: We’ve gotten a lot of advice from Natuurpunt, which is Belgians leading nature preservation group and Ovam, a Flemish public service responsible for waist control. As we’ve made a promise to look after this domain, we’re doing everything we can to keep that promise. So we’ve first cleaned up the complete area with the help of volunteers and plan to do so after the festival as well. We also use recycled materials and furniture from flea markets to build and decorate our festival. All these things will be brought back to thrift stores afterwards. Likewise we try to reduce our ecological footprint by serving burgers made out of insects instead of beef and serve our drinks in biodegradable cups.

TIA: Then again, there are plenty of green, festival proof spots in Belgium, what made you decide to choose the Noordkasteel in Antwerp?  

Kathleen: Antwerp is a city with a great focus on design and fashion. Plus, it’s one of the cities with the biggest house clubbing scene. Having found this beautiful piece of nature in the midst of the urban life, we simply fell in love. So Antwerp was our most obvious choice. 

TIA: Will this festival take place next year as well?

Kathleen: From how the ticket sale is going, we sure hope it will. I’ve actually heard some people say that they’re definitely checking off KleinHouse on their to do list for next summer. It would be a shame to disappoint them.


So better get your ticket now if you haven’t have one yet. Because from the sound of it, this will be the house party of the year. For more info, check www.kleinhouse.be. 

Still not convinced? Let the awesome KleinHouse Festival premovie knock your socks off.


Where?: Noordkasteel - Antwerp

When?: Saturday 20/06/2015, starts at noon

Tickets?: presale: €22 for festival, €30 for festival & after party. Get yours right here.


Text by Laetitia Sabiti - pointcinque.com

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