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So you booked your Full Circle ticket. But did you think about transport yet? Not everyone has a bike available, and you can’t really count on public transport by night. That’s why we summed up some easy, eco-friendly alternatives to get you from location to location on the November 10.

Fly free with Bird

What: Bird is an electric, easy to use scooter. It’s mainly fit for short transport. The top speed of this step goes up to 21 kilometres per hour.

How to use Bird: Download the Bird app on your smartphone and register for free. Each Bird has a QR code. By scanning this code with the app, you unlock a step. Since Bird works with a free-float system, it’s possible to drop your step anywhere in the city.

Accessibility: As mentioned above, Birds are accessible all over the city. By using your location, the app shows which Birds are nearby. They’re available 24 hours a day.

Price: Bird will charge you €1 for each ride, plus €0,15/minute.   

Payment method: Bird only accepts credit cards.

Impact: The steps are powered by electricity. Using them won’t pollute the air. In fact, it keeps the air cleaner. After every ride, the Bird-app indicates how much CO2 emission you economized by travelling sustainably.

Drivers license: You don’t need a drivers license to use Bird. Be aware though: if you get caught driving drunk, your license can be taken away.

Alternatives: other electric steps in Antwerp include Circ and Poppy, which both use the same rates as Bird.

Pop through Antwerp with Poppy

What: Poppy is a free-floating car-, scooter- and step sharing platform that has 350 eco-friendly cars and 25 electric scooters available.

How to use Poppy: Download the app and register for free. Choose the vehicle you want, make a reservation perhaps, walk towards it et voila. When you arrive at your location, make sure to park your Poppy within the ‘Poppy-homezone’.

Accessibility: Such as Bird, Poppy works with a flee-float system. Poppy vehicles are available 24 hours a day.

Price: For all Poppy vehicles, you pay per minute. Cars are the most expensive and cost €0,33/minute. Fuel, insurance and public parking in Antwerp are included in the price. Scooters cost €0,25/minute and steps €0,15/minute. For steps, however, Poppy charges you €1 starters cost.

Payment method: Poppy only accepts credit cards.

Impact: All Poppy vehicles are 100% electric. Even the rims of some Poppy cars are designed to spare energy or have a CO2 emission that’s 20% lower than average. Their scooters use LED lightning.

Drivers license: You need to have a drivers license for at least 24 months to use a Poppy car or scooter. You can use a step without license, but yet again your license (if you happen to have one) can be taken away when driving drunk.

Alternatives: Scooty also provides scooters. Scroll down for more info. Bolides is a carsharing platform you could use as well, but for short periods such as one night, Poppy is a better alternative.

Step up your travel game with Scooty

What: An electric, free-float scooter sharing platform.

How to use Scooty: Download the ‘Scooty’ app and register. Trace, book (15 first minutes are free) and ride within the boundaries of the city of Antwerp keyless. You don’t need to bring your own helmet. All users are responsible for any possible damage they cause. 

Accessibility: Luckily for us, Scooty works with a flee-float system as well. The scooters are available 24 hours a day.

Price: €2,99 registration costs. €0,26 per minute.

Payment method: Scooty only accepts credit cards.

Impact: All Scooty vehicles are 100 per cent electric. Yay!

Drivers license: You need a car drivers license or a class B motorbike drivers license. And you have to be at least 18 years old. Scooty offers free driving lessons for inexperienced users.

Alternatives: Poppy. For more info, scroll up.

Get sportive with A Velo

What: An easily accessible city bike, located in Antwerp and its suburbs.

How to use a Velo: Take a Velo from a Velo station, cycle to your location and return the bike in a Velo station nearby your destination.

Accessibility: Approximately every 400 meters there’s a Velo station. The A Velo app allows you to look up real-time in which Velo station there are bikes available. We strongly advise you to do so, since Velo is a popular way of transporting in Antwerp and many stations are often empty. You can look for a Velo station on a specific location as well. Velo’s are available 24 hours per day.

Price: Buy a day pass online or via the app. It costs you only €4. The amount of rides within your 24 hours is unlimited. The first half-hour of every ride is included. If you cycle longer than 30 minutes you pay €0,50 extra.

Payment method: Pay with Visa of Mastercard.

Impact: Velo’s are powered 100% by your muscles: as sustainable as it gets.

Drivers license: Of course you don’t need a drivers license to use a bike. But, if you get caught cycling drunk you will most likely be fined. Oh well.

Alternatives: Cloudbike is an alternative bike-sharing platform. Pay €0,05 per minute or €13 for 24 hours.

Starting Sunday, you can use the code 'BIRDGOESFULLCIRCLE' when booking your Bird scooter, and an amount of 3 euros will be added to your account. That's 20 minutes of free riding!


Text by Roxanne Wellens

Pics by Roxanne Wellens & Full Circle


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