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Afraid of your own shadow or need a fresh pair of undies whenever you see a clown? Then you might want to stay away from De Studio this week. Cinema in De Studio will be opening its doors from Monday till Thursday for horror fans of all ages. Also, go see someone about that clown thing.

Starting from October 29 until November 1 De Studio will be offering three movies a day. Though on the dark day itself, the 31st of October, only one movie is programmed, every other day you can sink your teeth into three horror flicks. Starting off with a slightly scary movie which kids can enjoy without a diaper, followed by a legitimate horror film and finishing strong with a one-way trip to the therapist.

Cyrus Vercammen, ethics teacher during the day and horror curator at night, chose the late-night movies in light of both Halloween and #MeToo. “I started looking around for horror movies where women play the pivotal role of either the heroine or villain. Turns out there aren’t that many of them. Plenty of baddies in horror movies became twisted and deranged because of a mother figure. But finding a woman who is the actual bad gal and instigator, without some other external influence in the movie, was pretty hard.”

The closing movie on Monday will be Friday the 13th, about an iconic slasher villain and his insane mother. On Tuesday moviegoers can see French horror movie Raw, about a female vet student who develops a craving for human flesh. And finally on Thursday, British movie Frightmare will be providing the last nightmare of the week. This cult classic from 1974 tells a story about a couple where the husband tries to cover for his murdering, bloodthirsty wife.

Visit the Facebook page and website for more information.


Text by Kevin Lau

Pics by Anton Fayle, Jonas Camps & Tom Cornille



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