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Disclaimer before reading: Hoeked doughnuts are dangerously yummy and will crush all self-control you may or may not have. You have been warned.

There’s a new kid in town and I have a feeling it’s going to become the popular kid soon. Hoeked Doughnuts is the name of the take-out doughnut shop that just opened at the Oudaan. They sell square-shaped doughnuts that are easy to fit in a box, easy to Instagram and even easier to destroy…with your mouth.

Shop-owners Joris and Caroline: “We quit our bakery in Grembergen (not Antwerp) because we were looking for a new challenge. Inspired by the doughnut culture in the United States we decided to start our own shop in the lively and trendy city of Antwerp. We tinkered with the recipe for over a year to get the flavor just right. And shape wise, we decided on squares because we want to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Our square doughnuts are easy to recognize and people will immediately associate them with Hoeked.”   

Obviously, I went there in person to give it a try because of a journalistic sense of duty and…well, doughnuts. Not only do the doughnuts look unique, but they are diet-crushingly good, too. And I would know, because I just stuffed down four of them and I’m still eating one while typing this. They have chocolate topping, lemon glazing, pudding filling and still many more different kinds of addicting. The shop itself looks fresh and is only outshined by what lies inside. Go there and get Hoeked (sorry).

You can find Hoeked Doughnuts at Oudaan 4. More information on Instagram, their Facebook page and hoekeddoughnuts.be.



Text and pics by Kevin Lau


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