Helen's hotspots in Berchem

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If you think that the center of Antwerp is the only place you can go out and have a nice time, think again because the other districts of Antwerp have a lot to offer too! The district I would like to talk about is my hometown Berchem. The places I'm going to show are 15 minutes riding from the center of Antwerp or you can take the train (just four minutes traveling)!  


  1.  Driekoningenstraat (literally: Three Kings Street) and Statiestraat is the place to be to eat something very yummy without spending a lot of money. A lot of Turkish and Moroccan Belgians are settled here and they sell food like Turkish pizza, Moroccan bread and cookies.  
  2.  Antwerp has a lot of parks and Brilschanspark, where I live nearby, is one of the most beautiful. Here you have the opportunity to do some barbecuing (if you're quick, because many people want to barbecue here) and take a beautiful walk. 
  3. Cantaloop is a small but very charming bar. At this place you can eat some delicious soup or you can try some local beer.

  Adress: Onze Lieve Vrouwstraat 1/Frans Van Hombeeckplein, 2600 Berchem


 Hope you like my hotspots!


Text by Helen Van Den Poel

Pics by Helen Van Den Poel