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  • Magnum #thisisantwerp
  • Magnum #thisisantwerp
  • Magnum #thisisantwerp
  • Magnum #thisisantwerp

To celebrate their 25th birthday, Magnum opened a ‘Pleasure store’ in De Stadsfeestzaal at the Meir where you can create a personally flavoured Magnum.

First you choose your favourite taste of chocolate and then there are 9 toppings to choose from, from coconut to chili. After you’ve chosen 3 of them, they shake the toppings like a cocktail, dip a blank Magnum in the melted chocolate and sprinkle your topping cocktail on top. For only €4 you can enjoy this little guilty pleasure. A perfect lunch break on a sunny Friday, I would say.

Open: 16th of May till 14th of June.

Monday- Saturday 11.00-19.00h


This is the way to go:

1. Choose your toppings

2.Behold: your personally customized Magnum

3. Enjoy...

4. Be sad because it's already finished...


Text and pics by Katarina.


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