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It's no secret that Antwerp is bustling with creativity. There are 18.000 registered professionals working in 8.000 creative companies in the city, or a staggering one in six organisations in the city. We, at This Is Antwerp, thought it was about time to put all these creative minds in the spotlight, with a series of animated GIFs.

For this series of GIFs, we worked with Studio Make Stuff, a small plug & play Antwerp based agency that comes up with creative concepts. We visited some of Antwerp's most creative minds and created animated GIFs which reflect their personality and celebrate their work.

Jitsk Heyninck

Jitsk (24) is one of Belgium's most famous chocolate makers. He toured the world with his creations, but decided to settle in Antwerp where he opened a shop - and his workspace - in the De Koninck brewery. Jitsk is young, but incredibly passionate about his work.

Klein Agency

Jon and Masa Kleinhample founded their own architecture and furniture design studio Klein Agency in Antwerp. They have a signature style, using locally sourced leather and oak combined with black steel frames. You can purchase their furniture online, or visit their showroom at the Braziliëstraat 23, Antwerp.

Devon Halfnight Leflufy

Canadian bron Devon is an Antwerp based fashion designer. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and is now one of Antwerp's fastest rising designers. His collection bears an elevated take on wardrobe essentials, such as the double breasted coat, T-shirts and the suit. You can shop his collection at Louis, in the Lombardenstraat 2, Antwerp.

Amélie Lens

If you're looking for an all-round Belgian creative, Amélie Lens is your girl. This Antwerp based top model has been traveling around the world since she was 16 years old. In addition to her modelling work, she's also the co-founder of Baerbar, a healthy, on-the-go breakfast concept. But most of all, Amélie wants to focus on het career as a techno DJ/producer.


Faisal Chatar is a 22 year old DJ and radio host. He brings straight edge, funk and hip hop to parties all over Belgium. All night long, every weekend! Make sure you check our calendar to see when he's behind the decks in Antwerp.


Aka David Tricot Mizero. He's the co-founder of the Antwerp party concept and record label Foot Juice Art. A wild urban party concept that has up tempo funky, juke, ghetto booty and boogie beats in store for you. David is also part of three other Antwerp based party concepts: Campion sound, Shuttles and Park. All three concepts are about bringing creative DJs, producers and MCs together.

Stephanie Specht

Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp as a graphic designer, Stephanie Specht has been freelancing her way all over the world. From Brussels to Cape Town to Princeton and New York. Now she's bringing her talent and experience back to Antwerp. Stephanie designs magazines, books, identities, posters and many more.

Brabo's Hand Tattooshop

Brabo's Hand is a popular tattoo shop right in the middle of Antwerp's historic city center. The shop is part of the city's young and urban scene and specialises in Old School tattoos. Sailor style! Next to the tattoo shop you'll find a retro barbershop for men that takes you right back to the fifties. Expect clean cuts and waxy hairdos!


Kastaar studio is a bold graphic design studio and analogue print shop. An and Stoffel love strong typographic illustrations and graphics. They started collection old iron letterpress machines. So their main expertise is slow printing. Kastaar combines contemporary tech with more artisanal techniques to preserve the traditional ways of graphic design.

Animated GIFs

To put all this bold creativity in the spotlight, we went out and about with Studio Make Stuff and made some really cool animated GIFs. You can find them right here. Feel free to share them and celebrate Antwerp's creative spirit!


Text and pics by This Is Antwerp


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